Which bedroom furniture to choose?

The bedroom is our home asylum. A place where we not only sleep but also relax and recharge our batteries for the next day. Everyone will probably agree that this is one of the most important rooms in the house. What will be the climate in the bedroom, whether it will be conducive to calm down or on the contrary, depends not only on the color of the walls, accessories and lighting, but also on the bedroom furniture we choose. Their number and size should of course depend on the size of the room.

The average person sleeps about a third of his or her life. So there is no need to convince anyone that a bed bought for the bedroom should be comfortable first and foremost. A mattress that is properly chosen will enable us to relax in a calm and comfortable way. But that is not all. Equally important is the quality of the frame and frame. Its dimensions are also important. It is assumed that a comfortable single bed should be at least 90 cm wide. A bed for two people must be at least 160 cm wide.   We also have to decide what material we will buy the bed from. It is a good idea to buy a piece of furniture made of wood, preferably oak, pine or beech. 

There are also cheaper beds made of good quality HDF or MDF boards available on the market. Upholstered beds covered with natural or artificial leather or fabric have become very popular, especially recently. As far as a mattress is concerned, it is best to choose high-flexible, thermoelastic or latex. All three have many support points and perfectly fit to the figure of the person lying on them. As already mentioned, the comfort of our sleep also depends on the type of frame. A bed with a frame completely filled with a plate is cheaper, but will be less comfortable. It is much better to choose a frame – ladder. Here the density of the slats is very important. The smaller the spacing between the slats and the more slats – the better. 

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